The Difference between Extensions and Conversions

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Do you the difference between extensions and conversions? Like many other people, you must have heard about these terminologies. However, you have never taken the time to deeply think about what they really mean, how they differ, and what value they add to your home, office or any other building. Some people may have the wrong information or understanding of an extension or conversion and this may affect a future decision. Both the structures are designed to maximise the space usage or create more space in a property. However, the suitability of each will depend on several aspects. In one situation an extension may be the better option while in another setting conversion is more suitable. To better understand these space-creating structures, let us view each.

What’s an Extension?

An extension means increasing the home or property outwards. For instance, you will tear down one wall and construct a new wall a few metres outwards. This will increase the kitchen space and decrease the space on your yard. Extensions will only work if there is some space outside the house. For instance, it’s not possible to extend an apartment building since there is no space. Also, it won’t work if your property is only a few inches from the boundary wall or fence. With sufficient space, you can extend any part of a building including the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. In fact, people with large spaces are able to create additional fully functional rooms. 



– It increases the space in and around the home

– Optimises existing space 

– Improves functionality

– Enhances the value of a property

– Can make the property more appealing


– You need permission to carry out the changes

– Only works where there is adequate space around the building

– It’s usually more costly than conversions

– needs thorough structural checks to ensure the additional room won’t interfere with the existing foundation

– Takes more time 


NB: A good builder plays a leading role when creating extensions. He will verify the existing spaces to know if it’s worth extending, adheres to the regulations, and will also provide you a preview of how your property will look like after the changes. This reduces the possibility of carrying out costly modifications only to ruin the overall appearance or just adding a few centimeters or inches.

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What’s a Conversion?

Just because you don’t have enough space around your home doesn’t mean you have to squeeze in the tight spaces. You can convert spaces that you rarely use to create more space in a room that you usually use. For instance, your kitchen may be too small and seems squeezed. Or maybe you want to create a new bedroom for your maturing kids or want to house a relative or a friend. After looking around, you may discover that your garage is large enough to accommodate 2 cars but you own one. You also have the option of parking it on the driveway. The best solution will be to convert part of the garage to be an extra bedroom or guestroom. You can convert the large storage room into a kitchenette to accommodate a growing family or for subletting. Loft conversions are also common, especially on pitched or gambrel roofs. A good example is the mansard roof which entails creating additional rooms on the truss or deck and extending part of the roof outwards to accommodate the windows.



– Doesn’t need lots of space

– It optimises space and functionality

– There is no need for permission or permits from the authorities

– It takes less time and effort compared to extensions

– Normally costs less than an extension


– Doesn’t change the property’s outward appearance

– May not increase a property’s value

– Doesn’t increase as much space as an extension

NB: While it may look straightforward, conversions can be quite challenging. First, you need to make certain you don’t take away too much space. Second, the piping and cabling should remain intact. Third, it shouldn’t undermine the property’s interior or appearance. This is why you need to work with a reputable builder in Plymouth.


Final Word

Both extensions and conversions, when designed properly, will add more space or maximise the existing space. Furthermore, they will improve the functionality, elegance, and value of a property. However, you will only realise the benefits if you work with the best builder or contractor. Such a firm is not only familiar with different plans and designs but requires time to understand your needs and desires, evaluate the current space, conforms to regulations and rules from the Local Authority and Building Associations, and uses the best materials. 


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