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Extensions Plymouth

House and Building Extensions in Plymouth

Whether your house does not have enough space or you are looking for an extra space for your new guest room or gym, house extensions is the best way to go. You will not only be avoiding the hassle and average cost of leaving your current place but you will also be transforming your house while increasing its value.

Having done hundreds of houses we pride ourselves as experienced partners when it comes to such projects. Apart from taking pride in our work, we always make sure that we deliver quality. We understand that offering enough planning, project management, and consultation throughout the project is one of the best things to do.

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At Builders Plymouth, we specialise in professional project management, house extensions, and excellent customer care service. Remember, if your family is growing or you have a hobby that needs an extra space, house extension is very important. Instead of moving away from your home where you have lived for many years, you can stay but with a little more space to it. With us you do not even need a quantity surveyor.

Some of our house extension services

Bathroom extensions- If you have always dreamt of standing in your bathtub while watching TV then look no further. Extending your bathroom with the best services will provide you with the extra comfort and luxury that you need every morning. Whether it’s a single storey or double storey building our builders can do this.

Kitchen extensions- Since the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house, if you can transform it you will completely change its face. Whether families share their biggest moments or not, we are here to offer the best kitchen extensions that you will cherish.

Master bedroom- Are you tired of moving aimlessly around your small bedroom every morning? If so then there is no need to worry. With our bedroom extension services we can change your master bedroom into an en suite bathroom with bi-folding doors.

Garage extensions- Nowadays, it’s fact that very few people are holding vehicles in their garages anymore. This means you can still change that space into a bedroom, office, or even gym without any problem. We estimate the space and get quantity surveyors approval before starting the work. This can be done on a bungalow or even semi detached house.

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Extensions Plymouth
house extension plymouth
Extensions Plymouth

Improve your living.  

Increase the value of your property.

Looking for home extension builders in Plymouth?

How we go about the project

Most house extensions are done because houses are not meeting our original needs. The most common problems are the size, configurations, and layout. Due to this frustration, we start dreaming of what the house could be. Having done so many house extensions projects here is how we go about the process.

1. Once we make a contact with you, we ask you to explain to us about your plans such as the floor plan.

2. We then come to your residence to meet you and to assess your house. Note, we do not charge for this meeting.

3. We suggest a design service, cost per square, guidelines, and how much it will cost. Or we just sketch a layout with costings.

4. We discuss the costing and the designs until we agree on the best thing to do. At this point we also give you a comprehensive specification of what should be done before you can decide whether to continue or not. This includes roof design, regulations, quote, rough estimate guide and restrictions.

5. After signing the contract with you we embark on the work. We do most of our material orderings, project management, and built architecture before coming to your site. We then start the work with demolition work, drainage, foundations, and alterations.

6. Once we are done we carry our professional cleaning and practical completion. You can then start enjoying your new space for many years to come.

What you need to note

Before starting the project, you should know that house extension projects can be very stressful. However, if you are working with experts there is nothing to worry about since they will ensure that the projects come out well. It’s, therefore, very important to take your time and choose carefully. Thankfully, once you contact us, you do not need to fret the small stuff. You can sit back and leave us do all the work. We also have friendly and experienced workers who can extend your house in a way that will be pleasing to you. We will work with you step by step to ensure that you get exactly what you ordered for.

If you are thinking about extending part of your house, contact us today for free and our team will provide you with the best ideas and services. With your planning permission we will do our best.


Extensions Plymouth


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