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Quite a number of people don’t give the driveway the seriousness it deserves. But to gauge its worth, ask yourself which area comes to view when arriving at your home or office. In fact, do you know that many people will judge your home or premise based on the appearance of the driveway? This has led to many visitors getting surprised that the home is neat despite the driveway looking poorly maintained. It has also seen potential buyers overlook your home just because it’s not well maintained. It’s, therefore, necessary to always ensure it’s looking good, elegant and still functional. The following are some of the factors that influence the type of driveway you will build.


The type of materials you use determines the reliability, durability, and functionality of the driveway. They also play a role in either improving or lowering the value of your property. Tarmac and gravel are among the most affordable but aren’t the most appealing. Colored blocks and custom concrete is somewhat costly but can really enhance the property’s elegance and value. While gravel is easy to use and also promotes good drainage, unlike tarmac and concrete, it produces some sound when stepped on and this can be annoying. However, some view this is an added security measure since you will know when someone is on your compound.

Traffic/ Frequency of Use

The number of people or visitors driving and stepping on a driveway in the office is more than in the home. This means that the office setting will suffer more strain, wear and tear. Areas with high traffic require materials and designs that can tolerate frequent. Tarmac and concrete are revered for their longevity. Blocks although stylish are more prone to deforming or some parts may become loose under heavy usage.


As any groundsman or builder will tell you, working on a sloppy or uneven gradient is not as easy as on a flat surface. In the first instance, a lot of preparation and groundwork will be needed to try and level the area. Secondly, you may need to put in place additional support on some steep edges. Now imagine trying to spread gravel on a sloppy surface? Waste of time! Working with concrete is also not easy though it can be achieved. In such a situation, tarmac is the better option.


If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you will require materials and designs that allow water and moisture to quickly seep through. The honeycomb design is a common and effective option and is used together with permeable materials. Areas that experience heavy snow and ice need a stronger surface that can withstand the additional weight. Additionally, the surfaces should be a bit rough and nonslip to minimise slippage.


Ever tried to walk on gravel when wearing high heels or pushing a person in a wheelchair? Or have you walked on wet stone or smooth concrete? If you have, you will have realised that the surface was slippery or you used more effort to walk on. Although rain or water affects the non-slip nature of driveways, tarmac and rough concrete are much better than stone or smooth concrete. Bark and gravel are also effective but require more effort to walk on. And in case you have a person in a wheelchair, gravel isn’t a good choice.

Length of Driveway

The longer the driveway the more costly it will be. It will also require more time, preparation and maintenance compared to short driveways. When working on a small driveway, you can get away with basically any material. However, on long driveways and if on a tight budget, tarmac and concrete and more affordable compared to blocks, stone or bricks.


Cost is a key consideration when installing a driveway. While you may love to have blocks on your property, the cost involved is higher than when using concrete or tarmac. It requires proper groundwork, quality foundation, and also more time and effort. Tarmac is among the cheapest options despite being somewhat plain. Gravel is another cheap option but doesn’t offer the best non-slip surface and is also noisy when stepped or driven on.

Environmental Concern

Of late, people are becoming more concerned about the environment. This comes at a period where issues such as pollution, global warming, climate change, and damage to the ozone are taking centre stage. Proponents to environmental protection will avoid tarmac and concrete since it interferes with the drainage and also contains toxic compounds. Instead, they will go for recycled aggregates (glass, bricks…), gravel, bark, and slate chippings among others.


After reading the above article, you may be confused on which type of driveway you should go for. Or maybe you want more information on a particular type. Well, you shouldn’t worry anymore or take chances when building your driveway. All you need is talking to Plymouth Builders.

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