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Self Build Home Plymouth

 Build A Self Build Home In Plymouth

 Ultimately people decide to self build for a number of different reasons. The build their homes in a number of different ways but what really unites them is the desire to have a home that has themselves specifically in mind. Instead of a generic house on a building estate that has been designed for Mr and Mrs average

Of course the word “self build” in its self is somewhat of a misnomer, and many people refer to it as custom home building or individual home building. But what it really means is that the end occupiers of the property being built, have the decisions and control about how the finished property is going to look and how the structure and fabric of the building is going to be.

Of course only one in ten people who call themselves self builders actually do the manual labour themselves. Our clients at Plymouth Builders use us as a “package provider” so that the architecture, planning and building work will be carried out by us, a reputable building firm and they will oversee and instruct us on exactly how they want the building to be done.

Call us on 01752 905030 for a no obligation design consultation or fill in the form on this page.

So why do our customers choose the route of self building? 

In the first instance people choosing the self-build home option feel that they are not really getting what they want from the property market available to them. This leads them to feel that they need to create what they want individually. This might be individual design tastes, the requirement for energy saving features or they might have a desire for a particular architectural design of a house that they don’t see currently available.

Working alongside our clients we have become renowned for building some of the most pioneering and individual houses in the Plymouth area combining many different architectural and construction techniques. From contemporary houses through to creating some period style houses in a new build environment enabling new technologies and energy efficiency in old style character.

Our process of self build is really quite simple.

First you need to find and acquire a plot of land and make sure planning permission is likely to be accepted on that plot.

Second is the design, this is the stage that you can contact us as we work very closely with some exceptionally good architects, or you could choose to use your own.

Once the design is done and the planning permission is granted its then that the building work needs to be organised and the contractors brought in to start laying the foundations. Our team of builders ranges through all the trades so by using our services for self building your home you get the best of both worlds….

  • A completely individual and specifically designed property for you and your family

  • A completely stress free and efficient building process.

We would project manage and take care of all services required from the foundations right through to the finished house and ready for you to take the keys and enjoy your home.

If you have a plot of land and are ready to take the next step, please call us and we would be delighted to help advise you on how to build your dream self build home in Plymouth.


Self Build Home Plymouth
Self Build Home Plymouth

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