Why Manchester Driveways Easily Crack When Flooded

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Your driveway is one of your home’s best investments when it comes to adding curb appeal and value. Its integrity creates a huge impact on its overall beauty especially when it’s damaged through wear and tear, rain and shine, and worse, flood. Flood-stricken areas have their driveways experience quick deterioration as they easily crack and create small potholes.

Driveway builder Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro explains that a broken driveway is an eyesore and decreases its functionality. Whether it’s intended for your vehicles or human traffic so that you and your family can comfortably have a smooth pathway to walk on, you need to act on it to prevent further hazards.

Most driveway types that easily crack on a flood are concrete driveways. Concrete is a type of driveway surface that is composed of cement, stone aggregates, and water, making it porous even if it hardens. When the rain or snow pours, the mixture beneath will become soaked with water. During extreme temperatures, the water that turned into ice weakens the concrete and those tiny pores within the build. The exchanging process of thaw and freeze breaks the concrete in time.


What more if your driveway is constantly soaked during floods, the water slowly creeps in for a longer time, degrading the compact nature of cement. When the subbase is denuded with water, the soil will erode and can cause rather more serious harm—it can break the concrete into slabs.

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As the experts observe, a broken driveway surface will eventually crumble when not given a solution. Flooding cannot be prevented but soaking can. Homeowners may take a quick but effective fix by adding sealant to the cracks and slits.

Sealing prevents your cracked driveway from crumbling throughout the duration, depending on the extent of repair needed. But when the surface becomes unsightly that a sealant is not enough or will do more damage than a repair, lifting the broken slabs may also break other parts of the surface. This way, a full replacement or new installation is worth more than the cure.

For a driveway makeover, expert builders from Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro will do it for you. You don’t need to worry how much time it’s going to take to complete a replacement. Given the advancement of labour techniques, driveway installation takes faster than you could ever imagine.

Schedule a consultation or request a no-obligation quote from the representatives of Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro when you are ready to embark on a new driveway project. Learn more about concrete levelling, filling of voids, and discover other types of surfaces that also suit your home. 

For more information on their services, call their hotline at 0161-410-0825 or visit their website. Act now and prevent your driveway from total damage and make this an opportunity to have the experts assess what needs more to be done.