Manchester Driveway Company Provides Free Survey for Households

What does a free survey do? What is a driveway survey, and how can a property owner benefit from it?

A driveway company in Manchester is proudly announcing its thrust to help property owners and old customers their plans of adding or remodelling their driveways. This goal involves offering a free survey for those who are interested before they will begin the construction. The survey is an integral part of the installation or renovation process as it will dictate the specifics of the potential project.

Building a driveway is a process mastered only by skilled installers. Before you can enjoy your new driveway and begin digging, it has to pass certain evaluations. This is where surveys are deemed essential. No matter how simple or complex the steps in building a driveway of any surface, installers ensure to follow them precisely to achieve a perfect finish. A driveway should last for around 10 to 25 years. However, the stability of the driveway will depend on the kind of workmanship out on the labour. 

When driveway surveyors come to your place, expect them to ask several questions. Understanding the ground condition, drainage or plumbing, and the type of material needed for the size of your planned driveway is vital to the assessment made by driveway contractors.

What’s in a consultation survey

Some of the questions to expect can be any issues about your driveway installation or makeover. The survey will dictate how your driveway is to be built.

  • What type of surface do you desire for your driveway? Is it concrete, block paving, or resin?

The type of surface will depend on the size of your vehicle. Or maybe not if you intend to use the space for any other purpose. Select the paving that can bear foot and vehicle traffic.

  • If you have an existing drive, what kind of paving does it have? How about the base, is it stable, flat, sloping, or does it erode on heavy rains?

Driveway surveyors will look into the ground condition of your existing drive. From there, they will assess if they have to redo your drainage for effective water run-off. Does the base have complicated piping underneath? Will the construction compromise what’s already designed?

With the help from the experts in Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro, they will discuss with you each step and what you can expect from the result.

Manchester Driveway and Patio not only offers driveway installation and repair but also patios. If you have another space you can spare to turn into a fabulous yet functional patio, they are more than happy to help. And that begins with a free survey on your place.

Each month, the team in Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro has special deals on certain driveway and path surfaces. Call Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro at 0161-410-0825 or fill up a form to send an email to their website. Catch their fantastic offers on available drives and patios.