Driveway Installation Company in Manchester Provides Advice on Driveway Surface

From the street view, driveways make the first attraction. When approaching a property, driveways serve as the frontline that speaks for your home. Driveways boost your property in many ways and provide different purposes that are integral to your home.

Whether you have an existing driveway or want to install a new driveway, where do you go for advice? Several types of driveways are available, and each of them has its distinct quality and durability. But the key is what suits your home?

Manchester driveway installer

If you live around Manchester or nearby towns, a driveway installation company offers helpful advice on choosing the driveway surface. For self-builders, this is your best chance of getting this information that serves as your guide for selecting the kind of material that will match your home’s overall appeal.

Number one rule

When laying a new driveway surface, think about how that surface will cope with the weather. Different pavements have their absorbing capability when it comes to rainwater. The easiest way to avoid this hassle is to recall what the government introduced way back in 2008. That year, the Sustainable Drainage Systems served as a guideline on main sewer networks. Hopefully, the rule still applies because it encourages households to uphold the long-term benefit of sustainable drainage to the environment by building a driveway with a highly absorbing surface.

Permeable surface materials include tarmac, gravel, resin bound, or block pavers. What material then should you choose?


Tarmac is a cost-effective and durable driveway surface. It is a low maintenance surface and a highly permeable type of driveway. Although less appealing versus other driveway types, the tarmacadam can still do its job for at least 20 years.


If you opt for an even more affordable but permeable driveway surface, gravel is your best choice. Gravel-paved driveways are common in suburban or rural places with properties that span a long drive. The downside of gravel is that their stone aggregates are loosely attached unless compacted. Gravel displaces quickly when ploughing or clearing foreign materials.

Block paver

Now you can choose from different colours with block paving driveways to complement your home’s design. It is also easier to replace the damaged block paver as you can lift block per block without damaging the whole surface. It is a highly permeable driveway surface allowing heavy rainfall drain in between blocks and into the soil. One downside of block paving is if you are installing a new drive. Laying concrete blocks is time-consuming.


For a more sophisticated driveway surface, resin bound is the best choice for highly permeable surface material but quite hard on the pocket. Seeing your whole driveway paved with resin-bound stones of the colour of your choice will make good in complying with drainage regulations. Also, resin bound is easy to clean. You can even power wash it to keep it tidy.

Turn your driveway into something you can enjoy through the years without compromising your home’s aesthetics. Choose a driveway surface in which aesthetic is not only the benefit you get. A driveway with a material that is environmentally friendly is a better choice.

Unsure of the other available driveway and patio surfaces? Call the experts from Manchester Driveway and Patio Pro. The team will assess your area and then will submit a report based on the assessment. They will ensure that when they begin laying it, you will get what you pay. After all, a carefully built driveway is an asset to your property. Call the driveway contractors and representatives through this hotline: 0161-410-0825 or send an email to their website for your free quote.